The Evolution of Tents and Marquees

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Tents and Marquees

Marquee, or pole marquee, often referred as a large tent. The concept for tent for sale. Generally, it is made up of sheets of fabric attached in pole frames and supported by a rope. The typical materials used to build it in the old days are: fabric is cotton canvas; the frames are made of wood, and the traditional man made rope. This trend has change through the years. From the typical old school, the materials had evolved to the modern ones. Turning fabric to PVC covers, wooden poles to aluminum ones, and man made rope to nylon ropes.


Not just the materials, tents ‘and marquee’s architecture have evolved exponentially as years passed by. From the typical V-shaped, A-shaped, and round-shaped tents, different varieties of modern designs and twists are now out in the market, anything that will suit your desired styles.

Tent for Sale
Photo from World Marquee Equipment

As its materials, designs and architecture evolves, the uses and applications of tents and marquees broaden. In the old days, the usual use of it is for outdoor activities like camping and family outing. It is also used as base camp by the military, and used as home for evacuees’ in the evacuation center whenever there are unexpected calamities. Don’t get me wrong, those that I’ve said are still used in the present days. It’s just that, a lot more activities can be done using the modern designs and architecture of tents and marquees.

Wedding ceremonies, awarding ceremonies, beach parties, and other big events can now be accompanied by tents and marquees. Utilizing exquisite designs and architecture, marquees can provide a different ambiance not compromising the beauty and elegance of the venue. This trend is now the most used as alternative for events that requires more space and privacy.

World Marquee
Photo from World Marquee Equipment

For more tips and information on tent and marquees, Check out World Marquee Equipment, the best tried and tested company in the industry. They provide tent rentals and sales, marquee rentals and sales and more of the same.


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